Mount Elgon Hotel & Spa


Renew, Replenish & Restore your Body and Mind

Why not take time out of your busy schedule and enjoy some luxury treatments, where you can soothe away all your worries & cares. We offer exclusive to our resident’s complimentary access to our gymnasium and Spa where we have meter pool, Jacuzzi and Steam room. We have all you need for your hotel leisure break so you can relax and unwind or improve your health and fitness in a calm and pleasant environment.

We have extensive treatments available.

Whether you are in need of renewal, radiance, replenishment or regeneration – our therapists will assist you in promoting a new sense of health and wellbeing. Together, you can design your perfect journey through spring, summer, autumn and winter

Half-Day Package

Spa ServicesELGON  SPECIAL TICKLES,60 minutes in 4  bits around  the world massage, mind checking  jacuzzi and  a  doctors  message  garden  salad  on  house. its   an ideal couple   offer meant  to  melt   away  any stress  in  split  sessions  through  the  power  of  touches

Madagascar  an  express  45  minute  careful  treat  with  blended  sea  salts  and  essential  oils  just  to  remove  dead skin cells and  improve  your  tonicity, restore  lost  vitality and  protect  against  dryness. This  comes  with   fresh  beetroot  juice  and  a  feel  of  our  steam bath  and  a  later  treat of our grilled  saltless   calamari  rings

MY  SEASON, 30   split  minutes   of  back, neck and  shoulder  massage, a relaxing  treatment  meant  to  ease  muscle   tension. This  includes  thorough  feet  stretches   and  a  cocktail  of  tropical  fruits  with  a  guided  swing   session.

Weekend – Full-Day Package

MORE  IN  MONACO a 60 minutes  three  session  split  treat   for  men  only, this   includes  a  back, neck   and  shoulder  with  a  facial  and  nail  shaping  and  a later  take  of  carrot  and  ginger  soup  and  avocado   tablets.

60 Mins Chinese Massage meant for pain as it considers lack of free flow of Qi and the blood the caue of pain. You get a complete ancient Chinese treat that creates you movements to offer relief and this is later followed by tamarind and lemon infused herbal tea.

MENELUK  SPECIAL, a re hydrating  facial  designed  as  a  superb  and  intensive  boost  for dry,dehydrated,flaky  and  tired  skin. its  an  intensive 45 minutes  rejuvenating  and  nourishing  massage summed  up  with  diet  of  papaws  to do  the  finishing.

Ø  Weekend  village  walks, also   named  the  volcano  adventure  trail, its  a  remedial  5km  trek  around  the  farmlands  just  to  define  fitness  after  along  week. This  is  later  summed  up  by  a  swim  just  to  refresh  you .

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